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Human and Animal Cells A549(RCB0098) In vitro evaluation of cellular influences induced by stable fullerene C₇₀ medium dispersion: induction of cellular oxidative stress.
Human and Animal Cells P-815(RCB1167) 1270 nm near-infrared light as a novel vaccine adjuvant acts on mitochondrial photoreception in intradermal vaccines.
DNA material AxCANCre (RDB01748) , AxCANLacZ (RDB01749) Glutamine protects mouse spermatogonial stem cells against NOX1-derived ROS for sustaining self-renewal division in vitro.
C.elegans tm3098 , tm3765 , tm1146 , tm783 , tm760 ROS and cGMP signaling modulate persistent escape from hypoxia in Caenorhabditis elegans.
C.elegans tm4241 Stress Buffering and Longevity Effects of Amber Extract on Caenorhabditis elegans (C. elegans).
C.elegans tm760 A reversible mitochondrial complex I thiol switch mediates hypoxic avoidance behavior in C. elegans.
C.elegans Alternative redox forms of ASNA-1 separate insulin signaling from tail-anchored protein targeting and cisplatin resistance in C. elegans.
C.elegans tm4525 , tm4803 , tm3165 Mitochondrial protein import determines lifespan through metabolic reprogramming and de novo serine biosynthesis.
C.elegans Ferulic Acid Supplementation Increases Lifespan and Stress Resistance via Insulin/IGF-1 Signaling Pathway in C. elegans.
C.elegans tm1146 , tm783 , tm760 Small-Molecule Mn Antioxidants in Caenorhabditis elegans and Deinococcus radiodurans Supplant MnSOD Enzymes during Aging and Irradiation.
Lotus / Glycine Miyakojima MG-20 Overexpression of LjPLT3 Enhances Salt Tolerance in Lotus japonicus
Drosophila orsai, the Drosophila homolog of human ETFRF1, links lipid catabolism to growth control.
Drosophila DGRC#103625 Drosophila hemocytes recognize lymph gland tumors of mxc mutants and activate the innate immune pathway in a reactive oxygen species-dependent manner.
Pathogenic eukaryotic microorganisms Cladosporium cladosporioides IFM 63149, Trichophyton mentagrophytes IFM 59813 Antimicrobial action of phenolic acids combined with violet 405-nm light for disinfecting pathogenic and spoilage fungi.
Human and Animal Cells Hepa 1-6(RCB1638) Methionine Deprivation Reveals the Pivotal Roles of Cell Cycle Progression in Ferroptosis That Is Induced by Cysteine Starvation.
Human and Animal Cells A549(RCB0098) Nrf2/p‑Fyn/ABCB1 axis accompanied by p‑Fyn nuclear accumulation plays pivotal roles in vinorelbine resistance in non‑small cell lung cancer.
Human and Animal Cells Hep G2 Iron deficiency aggravates DMNQ-induced cytotoxicity via redox cycling in kidney-derived cells.
Human and Animal Cells HCE-T(RCB2280) Crocetin protects against mitochondrial damage induced by UV-A irradiation in corneal epithelial cell line HCE-T cells.
Human and Animal Cells RAW 264(RCB0535) Advanced Oxidation Protein Products Contribute to Chronic-Kidney-Disease-Induced Adipose Inflammation through Macrophage Activation.
Algae NIES-21 , NIES-23 , NIES-25 , NIES-26 , NIES-267 , NIES-2108 , NIES-2111 , NIES-3756 , NIES-4073 , NIES-4074 , ... Inferred ancestry of scytonemin biosynthesis proteins in cyanobacteria indicates a response to Paleoproterozoic oxygenation.