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Human and Animal Cells T24(RCB0431) Enzalutamide inhibits proliferation of gemcitabine-resistant bladder cancer cells with increased androgen receptor expression.
DNA material MMP11-miR-139-5P wild (RDB14547) , MMP11-miR-139-5P del (RDB14548) , MMP11-miR-139-3P wild (RDB14549) , MMP11-miR-139-3P del (RDB14550). Dual tumor-suppressors miR-139-5p and miR-139-3p targeting matrix metalloprotease 11 in bladder cancer.
Human and Animal Cells Hiding in plain view: genetic profiling reveals decades old cross contamination of bladder cancer cell line KU7 with HeLa.
Human and Animal Cells Novel HER2 selective tyrosine kinase inhibitor, TAK-165, inhibits bladder, kidney and androgen-independent prostate cancer in vitro and in vivo.
Human and Animal Cells Development of human chorionic gonadotropin subunit-beta promoter-based toxic gene therapy for testicular cancer.
Human and Animal Cells Efficacy of paclitaxel released from bio-adhesive polymer microspheres on model superficial bladder cancer.
DNA material , Human and Animal Cells AxdAdB3-F/RGD (RDB03012). , 293(RCB1637) Enhanced antitumor efficacy of integrin-targeted oncolytic adenovirus AxdAdB3-F/RGD on bladder cancer.
DNA material pCMV-SP1 (RDB04267) , pGEX-SP1 (RDB05699) , pGEX-hMAZ (RDB05701) , pCMV-MAZ (RDB03219). G4-DNA formation in the HRAS promoter and rational design of decoy oligonucleotides for cancer therapy.
Human and Animal Cells Double short-time exposure to pirarubicin produces higher cytotoxicity against T24 bladder cancer cells.