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Algae NIES-2170 Effects of preillumination with light of different wagelengths on subsequent dark CO2-fixation in Chlorella cells.
Algae NIES-2170 Effects of membrane orientation on fouling characteristics of forward osmosis membrane in concentration of microalgae culture.
Algae NIES-44 , NIES-2170 Fundamental study on algal growth potential. II. Utilization of particulate nutrients by algae in river waters.
Algae NIES-2170 Inhibition of growth of Chlorella by various drugs.
Algae NIES-101 , NIES-1086 , NIES-2170 Microcystin uptake and biochemical responses in the freshwater clam Corbicula leana P. exposed to toxic and non-toxic Microcystis aeruginosa: Evidence of tolerance to cyanotoxins.
Algae NIES-2170 , NIES-484 , NIES-1332 , NIES-296 , NIES-547 Expression of the nucleus-encoded chloroplast division genes and proteins regulated by the algal cell cycle.
Algae NIES-2170 A c-myc like DNA fragment in Chlorella.
Algae NIES-2170 Some new preillumination experiments with carbon-14.
Algae NIES-2170 Effect of some poisons upon the mechanism of photosynthesis as studied by the technique of "pre-illumination" using C14 as a tracer.
Algae NIES-2170 Utilization of anaerobic digestion supernatant as a nutrient source in microalgal biomass production with a membrane photobioreactor.
Algae NIES-2151 , NIES-2168 , NIES-2170 Heterotrophic utilization of ethylene glycol and propylene glycol by Chlorella protothecoides.
Algae NIES-2170 Light-enhanced dark CO2 fixation in CO3 plants.
Algae NIES-2170 Effect of diurnally intermittent illumination on the growth and some cellular characteristics of Chlorella.
Algae NIES-2170 Complete nucleotide sequence of the chloroplast genome from the green alga Chlorella vulgaris: the existence of genes possibly involved in chloroplast division.
Algae NIES-2170 Changes of the capacity of dark reduction of carbon dioxide during the normal growth cycle of Chlorella ellipsoidea.
Algae NIES-2170 The "background" CO2 fixation occurring in green cells and its possible relation to the mechanism of photosynthesis.
Algae NIES-2170 Mass culture of algae.
Algae NIES-2170 Aerobically bound CO2 in Chlorella cells.
Algae NIES-2170 Effect of wavelength on 14CO2-fixation in Chlorella cells.
Algae NIES-2170 Improved methods for determining contents of chlorophyll, protein, ribonucleic acid, and deoxyribonucleic acid in planktonic populations.