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Lotus / Glycine M-5 , M24 A novel GmFAD3-2a mutant allele developed through TILLING reduces α-linolenic acid content in soybean seed oil.
Lotus / Glycine G. max (Bay , KK7 , M22 , J10) Molecular characterization of two high-palmitic-acid mutant loci induced by X-ray irradiation in soybean.
Lotus / Glycine LegumeBase The National BioResource Project (NBRP) Lotus and Glycine in Japan.
Lotus / Glycine G. soja Genetic studies on saline and sodic tolerances in soybean.
Lotus / Glycine G: C028 , C015 , C017 , C011 , C008 , C021 , C003 , C061 , C044 , C055 , ... Soybean germplasm pools in Asia revealed by nuclear SSRs.
Lotus / Glycine G: wild soybean Adaptation of Cucumber mosaic virus soybean strains (SSVs) to cultivated and wild soybeans.