RRC ID 1051
Author Komatsu K, Tsuda M, Tanaka Y, Mikami Y, Kobayashi J.
Title Absolute stereochemistry of immunosuppressive macrolide brasilinolide A and its new congener brasilinolide C.
Journal J. Org. Chem.
Abstract Brasilinolide A (2) is a 32-membered polyhydroxyl macrolide with immunosuppressive activity isolated from a pathogenic actinomycete, Nocardia brasiliensis IFM0406. The absolute configurations at 26 chiral centers of 2 and its new congener, brasilinolide C (1), were determined on the basis of the spectral data of 1 and degradation products derived from 1 and 2.
Volume 69(5)
Pages 1535-41
Published 2004-3-5
DOI 10.1021/jo035773v
PMID 14987008
MeSH Carbohydrate Conformation Hydrolysis Immunosuppressive Agents / chemistry* Immunosuppressive Agents / isolation & purification Macrolides / chemistry* Macrolides / isolation & purification Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Molecular Structure Nocardia / metabolism* Oxidation-Reduction Pyrans / chemistry* Pyrans / isolation & purification Stereoisomerism
IF 4.745
Times Cited 17
Pathogenic microorganisms IFM 0406