RRC ID 1052
Author Harada K, Tomita K, Fujii K, Masuda K, Mikami Y, Yazawa K, Komaki H.
Title Isolation and structural characterization of siderophores, madurastatins, produced by a pathogenic Actinomadura madurae.
Journal J Antibiot (Tokyo)
Abstract Madurastatins Al (1), A2 (2) and A3 (3), novel pentapeptides that were acylated with salicylic acid at the N-terminus, were isolated from the culture broth of a pathogenic Actinomadura madurae IFM 0745 strain. These structures were mainly determined by 2D NMR and MS/MS spectral techniques. The strain produced simultaneously madurastatins B1 (4) and B2 (5) consisting of Ser and salicylic acid moieties. Compounds 1 and 4 had an antibacterial activity against Micrococcus luteus, indicating that the presence of the aziridine ring is essential for such activity. Because 1 has a strong affinity with ferric ion due to the presence of two hydroxamic acids and a salicylic acid, it is considered to be a siderophore that is a low molecular weight iron chelater. The production of siderophores may be one of the characteristics of pathogenic microorganisms.
Volume 57(2)
Pages 125-35
Published 2004-2-1
DOI 10.7164/antibiotics.57.125
PMID 15112961
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Pathogenic microorganisms IFM 0745