RRC ID 11259
Author Wen H, Lan X, Cheng T, He N, Shiomi K, Kajiura Z, Zhou Z, Xia Q, Xiang Z, Nakagaki M.
Title Sequence structure and expression pattern of a novel anionic defensin-like gene from silkworm (Bombyx mori).
Journal Mol. Biol. Rep.
Abstract A defensin-like gene, BmdefA, was rediscovered in the silkworm genome and expressed sequence tags databases. The open reading frame of BmdefA encodes a prepropeptide consisting of a 22-residue signal peptide, a 34-residue propeptide, and a 36-residue mature peptide with a molecular mass of 4.0 kDa. The mature peptide possesses the characteristic six-cysteine motif of insect defensins, and its predicted isoelectric point is 4.12, indicating it is a novel anionic defensin. An intron is present in BmdefA and several cis-regulatory elements are in the regulating region. It is transcribed constitutively at a high level in the hemocyte, silk gland, head, and ovary of the silkworm larvae, and in the fat body of early-stage pupae and moth. BmdefA is also strongly induced by immune challenge. These results suggest that BmdefA plays an important role in both immunity and metamorphosis.
Volume 36(4)
Pages 711-6
Published 2009-4
DOI 10.1007/s11033-008-9233-4
PMID 18360778
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