RRC ID 11345
Author Itadani A, Nakamura T, Hirata A, Shimoda C.
Title Schizosaccharomyces pombe calmodulin, Cam1, plays a crucial role in sporulation by recruiting and stabilizing the spindle pole body components responsible for assembly of the forespore membrane.
Journal Eukaryot Cell
Abstract Calmodulin in Schizosaccharomyces pombe is encoded by the cam1(+) gene, which is indispensable for both vegetative growth and sporulation. Here, we report how Cam1 functions in spore formation. We found that Cam1 preferentially localized to the spindle pole body (SPB) during meiosis and sporulation. Formation of the forespore membrane, a precursor of the plasma membrane in spores, was blocked in a missense cam1 mutant, which was viable but unable to sporulate. Three SPB proteins necessary for the onset of forespore membrane formation, Spo2, Spo13, and Spo15, were unable to localize to the SPB in the cam1 mutant although five core SPB components that were tested were present. Recruitment of Spo2 and Spo13 is known to require the presence of Spo15 in the SPB. Notably, Spo15 was unstable in the cam1 mutant, and as a result, SPB localization of Spo2 and Spo13 was lost. Overexpression of Spo15 partially alleviated the sporulation defect in the cam1 mutant. These results indicate that calmodulin plays an essential role in forespore membrane formation by stably maintaining Spo15, and thus Spo2 and Spo13, at the SPB in meiotic cells.
Volume 9(12)
Pages 1925-35
Published 2010-12-1
DOI 10.1128/EC.00022-10
PII EC.00022-10
PMID 20833892
PMC PMC3008279
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