RRC ID 11965
Author Kuzuhara T, Iwai Y, Takahashi H, Hatakeyama D, Echigo N.
Title Green tea catechins inhibit the endonuclease activity of influenza A virus RNA polymerase.
Journal PLoS Curr
Abstract The influenza A RNA polymerase possesses endonuclease activity to digest the host mRNA. Thus this endonuclease domain can be a target of anti-influenza A virus drug. Here we report that green tea catechins inhibit this viral endonuclease activity and that their galloyl group is important for their function. Docking simulations revealed that catechins with galloyl group fit well into the active pocket of the endonuclease domain to enable stable binding. Our results provide useful data that make it possible to refine and optimize catechin-based drug design more readily for stability.
Volume 1
Pages RRN1052
Published 2009-10-13
DOI 10.1371/currents.rrn1052
PII k/-/-/1yn7909cwne80/2
PMID 20025206
PMC PMC2762814
DNA material pBMSA-PA (RDB01971)