RRC ID 1654
Author Li Y, Cole K, Altman S.
Title The effect of a single, temperature-sensitive mutation on global gene expression in Escherichia coli.
Journal RNA
Abstract High-density DNA microarrays have been used to explore the genomic profiling of gene expression of a defective Escherichia coli strain with a temperature-sensitive mutation in the protein component of RNase P. A novel gene cluster was discovered in which two of the genes are known substrates of RNase P. The expression pattern of essential genes and gene discovery from intergenic regions, for which other new transcripts are found, are also discussed.
Volume 9(5)
Pages 518-32
Published 2003-5
PMID 12702811
PMC PMC1370418
MeSH Bacterial Proteins / genetics Bacterial Proteins / metabolism Endoribonucleases / genetics Endoribonucleases / metabolism Escherichia coli / genetics* Escherichia coli / metabolism Escherichia coli Proteins* Gene Expression Profiling Genes, Bacterial Multigene Family Oligonucleotide Array Sequence Analysis Point Mutation RNA, Catalytic / genetics RNA, Catalytic / metabolism Ribonuclease P Substrate Specificity Temperature
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