RRC ID 1924
Author Nishio K, Qiao S, Yamashita H.
Title Characterization of the differential expression of uncoupling protein 2 and ROS production in differentiated mouse macrophage-cells (Mm1) and the progenitor cells (M1).
Journal J Mol Histol
Abstract The expression status of mitochondrial uncoupling protein 2 (UCP2) was investigated in undifferentiated mouse myeloid leukemia (M1) and its differentiated macrophage-like cells (Mm1). Mm1 cells have a high ability of phagocytosis along with significantly high levels of reactive oxygen species (ROS) production, UCP2 protein and manganese superoxide dismutase (Mn-SOD), in contrast to undifferentiated leukemia cells (M1). Mm1 cells expressed 10-fold more UCP2 protein compared with undifferentiated M1 cells, although the UCP2 mRNA levels in both cell types were similar. The higher expression of UCP2 in the Mm1 cells suggests a regulatory role of UCP2 in the ROS production. Furthermore, the transfection of UCP2-GFP-expression vector in Mm1 cells dissipated the mitochondrial membrane potential and reduced ROS production, which was shown by their direct visualization using MitoTracker Red CM-H2Xros. The macrophage gp91phox protein, a membrane catalytic component of the NADPH oxidase complex, was at a similar level in both of UCP2-GFP expressed and non-expressed Mm1 cells. These results suggest that the UCP2 protein of the undifferentiated cell is regulated at a quite low level and the higher UCP2 protein of the differentiated macrophages involves with the regulation of ROS production.
Volume 36(1-2)
Pages 35-44
Published 2005-2-1
DOI 10.1007/s10735-004-2915-x
PMID 15703997
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