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Author Hamaguchi S, Toyazaki Y, Shinomiya A, Sakaizumi M.
Title The XX-XY sex-determination system in Oryzias luzonensis and O. mekongensis revealed by the sex ratio of the progeny of sex-reversed fish.
Journal Zool. Sci.
Abstract The sex-determining gene in Oryzias latipes and O. curvinotus has been proved to be DMY. Although O. curvinotus has the DMY gene on the Y chromosome which is homologous to the Y chromosome of O. latipes, the sex-determining mechanism of other Oryzias fishes has not been identified. In order to uncover the sex-determining mechanism of O. luzonensis and O. mekongensis, which are most closely related species to O. latipes and O. curvinotus, we analyzed the sex ratio of the progeny of sex-reversed fish. We were able to obtain sex-reversed males by the administration of methyltestosterone, and found that these yielded all-female offspring in both species. These results indicate that O. luzonensis and O. mekongensis have the XX-XY sex-determination system.
Volume 21(10)
Pages 1015-8
Published 2004-10
DOI 10.2108/zsj.21.1015
PII JST.JSTAGE/zsj/21.1015
PMID 15514470
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Medaka O. luzonensis (RS270) O. mekongensis