RRC ID 27910
Author Ning S, Wang N, Sakuma S, Pourkheirandish M, Koba T, Komatsuda T.
Title Variation in the wheat AP2 homoeologs, the genes underlying lodicule development.
Journal Breed Sci
Abstract The bread wheat genome harbors three homoeologs of the barley gene HvAP2, which determines the cleistogamous/non-cleistogamous flowering. The three homoeologs, TaAP2-A, TaAP2-B and TaAP2-D, are derived from the A, B and D genomes. The importance of lodicule swelling in assuring non-cleistogamous flowering in a range of wild and domesticated wheat accessions of varying ploidy level was established. Re-sequencing of wheat AP2 homoeologous genes was carried out to identify natural variation at both the nucleotide and polypeptide level. The sequences of wheat AP2 homoeologs are highly conserved even across different ploidy levels and no functional variants at the key miR172 targeting site were detected. These results indicate that engineering of cleistogamous wheat will require the presence of a functional TaAP2 modification at each of the three homoeologs.
Volume 63(3)
Pages 255-66
Published 2013-9-1
DOI 10.1270/jsbbs.63.255
PII 63_255
PMID 24273420
PMC PMC3770552
IF 1.865
Times Cited 7
Wheat KU-101-1 KU-101-2 KU-103 KU-104-2 KU-199-15 KU-20-1 KU-20-9 KU-108-2 KU-8817 KU-198 KU-112 KU-113 KU-114 KU-125 KU-135 KU-146 KU-185 KU-188 KU-137 KU-187 KU-157 KU-192 KU-162-2 KU-161 KU-141 KU-147 KU-156 KU-190-1 KU-1901 KU-8735 KU-8940 KU-107-1 KU-107-4 KU-163 KU-165 KU-265 KU-515 KU-150 KU-153 KU-154 KU-193 KU-197