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Rice O. nivara Acc. W0054 Development of chromosome segment substitution lines harboring Oryza nivara genomic segments in Koshihikari and evaluation of yield-related traits.
Rice C9285 Two novel QTLs regulate internode elongation in deepwater rice during the early vegetative stage.
Wheat wheat FLcDNA A set of Triticum aestivum-Aegilops speltoides Robertsonian translocation lines.
Wheat wheat FLcDNA Homoeologous recombination-based transfer and molecular cytogenetic mapping of a wheat streak mosaic virus and Triticum mosaic virus resistance gene Wsm3 from Thinopyrum intermedium to wheat.
Barley barley strains Barley NARROW LEAFED DWARF1 encoding a WUSCHEL-RELATED HOMEOBOX 3 (WOX3) regulates the marginal development of lateral organs.
Rice Glu-IL Two linked genes on rice chromosome 2 for F1 pollen sterility in a hybrid between Oryza sativa and O. glumaepatula.
Rice C0508 , W0120 , W1625 , W2199 , W1588 , W1413F1 , W1514 , W1213 , W0002 , W1480B , ... Effect of Wild and Cultivated Rice Genotypes on Rhizosphere Bacterial Community Composition.
Lotus / Glycine M-5 , M24 A novel GmFAD3-2a mutant allele developed through TILLING reduces α-linolenic acid content in soybean seed oil.
Wheat RILs Resistance to wheat yellow mosaic virus in Madsen wheat is controlled by two major complementary QTLs.
Wheat wheat deletion lines Forcing the shift of the crossover site to proximal regions in wheat chromosomes.
Wheat LPGKU2272(Langdon) , KU-2069 , KU-2090 , KU-2097 , KU-2159 Identification of quantitative trait loci controlling grain size and shape in the D genome of synthetic hexaploid wheat lines.
Wheat TACBOW1 , TACBOW13 , TACBOW17 Alteration of wheat vernalization requirement by alien chromosome-mediated transposition of MITE.
Rice AIS , IAS Genetic mechanisms of postzygotic reproductive isolation: An epistatic network in rice.
Rice 野生イネ:Core Rank1&Rank2 Genetic shift in local rice populations during rice breeding programs in the northern limit of rice cultivation in the world.
Rice W0106 , W0120 , W0137 , W1551 , W1681 , W0049 , W1605 , W1169 , W1171 , W1297 , ... PCR-based INDEL markers co-dominant between Oryza sativa, japonica cultivars and closely-related wild Oryza species.
Wheat KU-4770 , KU-180 Differential contribution of two Ppd-1 homoeoalleles to early-flowering phenotype in Nepalese and Japanese varieties of common wheat.
Wheat KU-2811 , KU-2100 , KU-2093 , KU-2826 , KU-2627 , KU-2087 , KU-2144 , KU-2159 , KU-2069 Genome-wide marker development for the wheat D genome based on single nucleotide polymorphisms identified from transcripts in the wild wheat progenitor Aegilops tauschii.
Wheat KU-104-1 Level of VERNALIZATION 1 expression is correlated with earliness in extra early-flowering mutant wheat lines.
Wheat TACBOW0001 , TACBOW0003 , TACBOW0004 , TACBOW0005 , TACBOW0006 , TACBOW0008 , TACBOW0009 , TACBOW0010 , TACBOW0011 , TACBOW0012 , ... Impact of wheat-Leymus racemosus added chromosomes on wheat adaptation and tolerance to heat stress.
Wheat TACBOW0001 , TACBOW0003 , TACBOW0004 , TACBOW0005 , TACBOW0006 , TACBOW0008 , TACBOW0009 , TACBOW0010 , TACBOW0011 , TACBOW0012 , ... Enhancement of aluminum tolerance in wheat by addition of chromosomes from the wild relative Leymus racemosus.