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Author Enomoto A, Kikuchi T, Seo N, Matsuno K, Kobayashi E.
Title Impact of cold preservation on leukocyte adhesion to the transplanted rat lung.
Journal Microsurgery
Abstract Little is known about leukocyte migration in the early phase after ischemia-reperfusion injury. Recently, there has been much focus on in vivo visualization of cell kinetics. Previously, we established a method for the in vivo visualization of leukocyte circulation using a Green Fluorescent Protein transgenic rat. Herein, we developed a simplified rat heterotopic lung transplantation model that can be mastered by beginners within a few weeks. Using this system, we studied the impact of preservation on adhesion of circulating leukocytes to the transplanted lung. The graft of a fresh group was compared with that of a preserved group. Morphological and immunohistochemical analyses were also performed. We successfully visualized few adherent leukocytes in the fresh graft, whereas adherent cells were attached in the preserved graft within a few minutes. In conclusion, the prolonged cold preservation time promotes leukocyte adhesion, resulting in increased microvascular injury after lung transplantation.
Volume 27(4)
Pages 228-33
Published 2007
DOI 10.1002/micr.20341
PMID 17477404
MeSH Animals Animals, Genetically Modified Cell Adhesion / physiology Cryopreservation* Green Fluorescent Proteins / metabolism Leukocytes / physiology* Lung Transplantation* Male Microcirculation Models, Animal Random Allocation Rats Rats, Inbred Lew Reperfusion Injury / physiopathology*
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Rats LEW-Tg(CAG-EGFP)1Ys(strainID=647)