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Silkworms [Silkworm as a model animal for drug development].
Silkworms Current use of silkworm larvae (Bombyx mori) as an animal model in pharmaco-medical research.
Silkworms Studies of host-pathogen interactions and immune-related drug development using the silkworm: interdisciplinary immunology, microbiology, and pharmacology studies.
Medaka TG998 , TG999 , TG1000 , TG1001 , TG1002 , TG1006 , TG1007 Vertebrate unfolded protein response: mammalian signaling pathways are conserved in Medaka fish.
Tropical clawed frog Nigerian H line Retinal stem/progenitor cells in the ciliary marginal zone complete retinal regeneration: a study of retinal regeneration in a novel animal model.
Drosophila 4353R-2 The PERK pathway independently triggers apoptosis and a Rac1/Slpr/JNK/Dilp8 signaling favoring tissue homeostasis in a chronic ER stress Drosophila model.
Drosophila DGRC#112149 Gadd45 expression correlates with age dependent neurodegeneration in Drosophila melanogaster.
Mice GFP-LC3#53(RBRC00806) The relationship of autophagy defects to cartilage damage during joint aging in a mouse model.
Drosophila 14745R-2 Age-associated loss of lamin-B leads to systemic inflammation and gut hyperplasia.
Drosophila 1765R-4 , 1765R-2 , 4380R-1 Coordinated regulation of niche and stem cell precursors by hormonal signaling.
Silkworms Establishment of tools for neurogenetic analysis of sexual behavior in the silkmoth, Bombyx mori.
Rats Rat liver transplantation for total vascular reconstruction, using a suture method.
Rats Effect of conversion from cyclosporine A to mizoribine on transplant arteriosclerosis in rat aortic allograft models.
DNA material , Rats pMFG rat GM-CSF (RDB1463) Thyroid cancer immuno-therapy with retroviral and adenoviral vectors expressing granulocyte macrophage colony stimulating factor and interleukin-12 in a rat model.
Rats SHR/Kyo(strainID=9) Strain difference in pituitary-adrenal axis between Wistar-Imamichi and Long Evans adult male rats.
Rats Characterization of immunosuppressive factors expressed in serum by rat tolerogenic liver transplantation.
Rats Postischemic gene transfer of midkine, a neurotrophic factor, protects against focal brain ischemia.
Rats DA/Slc(strainID=380) , WF/Kop(strainID=510) Genetic predisposition to 4NQO-induced tongue carcinogenesis in the rat.
Medaka see-through medaka , d-rR/Nagoya (MT847) Normal growth of the "see-through" medaka.
Zebrafish ? Axon guidance of olfactory sensory neurons in zebrafish.