RRC ID 28940
Author Witke W, Nellen W, Noegel A.
Title Homologous recombination in the Dictyostelium alpha-actinin gene leads to an altered mRNA and lack of the protein.
Journal EMBO J.
Abstract Mutation of the alpha-actinin gene in Dictyostelium has been achieved by transforming cells with the Dictyostelium transformation vector pDNeoII containing a 1.2 kb fragment of the alpha-actinin gene. Transformants deficient in alpha-actinin, an actin-binding protein, produced an altered mRNA that lacked the 3' portion of the coding region. The defect in alpha-actinin production was not due to integration of the vector within the gene, but was apparently caused by errors produced during homologous recombination between the introduced alpha-actinin sequence and its complementary sequence in the coding region of the endogenous gene.
Volume 6(13)
Pages 4143-8
Published 1987-12-20
PMID 2832153
PMC PMC553897
MeSH Actinin / genetics* DNA Restriction Enzymes Dictyostelium / genetics* Genes* Genes, Fungal* Genetic Vectors RNA, Messenger / genetics* Recombination, Genetic* Transformation, Genetic
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