RRC ID 28978
Author de Hostos EL, Rehfuess C, Bradtke B, Waddell DR, Albrecht R, Murphy J, Gerisch G.
Title Dictyostelium mutants lacking the cytoskeletal protein coronin are defective in cytokinesis and cell motility.
Journal J Cell Biol
Abstract Coronin is an actin-binding protein in Dictyostelium discoideum that is enriched at the leading edge of the cells and in projections of the cell surface called crowns. The polypeptide sequence of coronin is distinguished by its similarities to the beta-subunits of trimeric G proteins (E. L. de Hostos, B. Bradtke, F. Lottspeich, R. Guggenheim, and G. Gerisch, 1991. EMBO (Eur. Mol. Biol. Organ.) J. 10:4097-4104). To elucidate the in vivo function of coronin, null mutants have been generated by gene replacement. The mutant cells lacking coronin grow and migrate more slowly than wild-type cells. When these cor- cells grow in liquid medium they become multinucleate, indicating a role of coronin in cytokinesis. To explore this role, coronin has been localized in mitotic wild-type cells by immunofluorescence labeling. During separation of the daughter cells, coronin is strongly accumulated at their distal portions including the leading edges. This contrasts with the localization of myosin II in the cleavage furrow and suggests that coronin functions independently of the conventional myosin in facilitating cytokinesis.
Volume 120(1)
Pages 163-73
Published 1993-1-1
DOI 10.1083/jcb.120.1.163
PMID 8380174
PMC PMC2119478
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