RRC ID 29170
Author Hanano S, Sugita M, Sugiura M.
Title Structure and expression of the tobacco nuclear gene encoding RNA-binding protein RZ-1: the existence of an intron in the 3'-untranslated region.
Journal DNA Res
Abstract We have previously characterized a tobacco cDNA encoding a novel type RNA-binding protein (RZ-1), which contains a zinc finger motif in addition to a consensus sequence-type RNA-binding domain and is localized in the nucleus. Here we isolated its genomic clone from a Nicotiana sylvestris genomic library. Southern blot analysis suggested that RZ-1 is coded for by a single locus per haploid genome. Comparison of the cDNA and genomic sequences indicated that the RZ-1 gene contains two introns, one in the coding region and another in the 3'-untranslated region. RT-PCR and ribonuclease protection analyses showed that splicing of RZ-1 pre-mRNA occurs efficiently. The RZ-1 protein is actively synthesized in rapidly dividing tobacco cells, as demonstrated by immunoblot analysis.
Volume 3(2)
Pages 65-71
Published 1996-4-30
DOI 10.1093/dnares/3.2.65
PMID 8804857
MeSH Amino Acid Sequence Base Sequence Cloning, Molecular Gene Expression Regulation, Plant Introns Molecular Sequence Data Nuclear Proteins / chemistry Nuclear Proteins / genetics Nuclear Proteins / isolation & purification Plant Proteins / chemistry* Plant Proteins / genetics* Plants, Toxic* Protein Biosynthesis* RNA Splicing RNA-Binding Proteins / chemistry* RNA-Binding Proteins / genetics* Sequence Analysis, DNA Tobacco / chemistry Tobacco / genetics* Transcription, Genetic
IF 4.009
DNA material pGen N54 (RDB01817) pgRZ-1 ES (RDB01818)