RRC ID 29867
Author Enomoto M, Sakai A, Tominaga A.
Title Expression of an Escherichia coli flagellin gene, hag48, in the presence of a Salmonella H1-repressor.
Journal Mol. Gen. Genet.
Abstract An Escherichia coli K12 flagellin gene, hag48, was found to be expressed in the presence of the Salmonella rh1 gene product. The strains which had hag48 on a chromosome or on an F' factor were constructed from strains H2-e,n,xon-off rh1+ and fixed H2-e,n,xon rh1+ in which rh1+ is cotranscribed with H2 in its "on" state. Motility of these strains in semisolid medium was inhibited by anti-H48 serum and motile clones (swarms) that escaped from it were hag mutants in case of the hag48 e,n,xon-off strain tested. H48 flagellin was detected by electrophoresis, though its amount was less than e,n,x flagellin, from all the strains that were nonmotile in the presence of anti-H48 serum.
Volume 201(1)
Pages 133-5
Published 1985
PMID 3903432
MeSH Bacterial Proteins / genetics* Electrophoresis, Polyacrylamide Gel Escherichia coli / genetics* F Factor Flagellin / genetics* Flagellin / isolation & purification Genes* Genes, Bacterial* Genotype Recombination, Genetic Repressor Proteins / metabolism* Salmonella / genetics* Transcription Factors / metabolism*
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