RRC ID 30072
Author Brass JM, Manson MD, Larson TJ.
Title Transposon Tn10-dependent expression of the lamB gene in Escherichia coli.
Journal J Bacteriol
Abstract Among Tn10 insertions isolated in or near the malB region of Escherichia coli, one (zjb-729::Tn10) mapped between malK and lamB or late in malK and allowed MalT-independent expression of lamB. Tn10-dependent expression of a lamB-lacZ protein fusion was 25% of the expression of the fusion from the malK-lamB operon promoter in malTc constitutive strains. The maltoporin content of a strain carrying this Tn10 was about 20% that of a malTc malB+ strain. Transport of maltose at concentrations of below 10(-6) M was reduced about threefold. When maltoporin was present at about 50% of the level of malTc malB+ strains, maltose transport was largely restored. We conclude that maltoporin is not rate limiting for maltose transport in wild-type cells but becomes rate limiting when the ratio of maltoporin to other maltose transport components is reduced more than twofold.
Volume 159(1)
Pages 93-9
Published 1984-7-1
DOI 10.1128/jb.159.1.93-99.1984
PMID 6330053
PMC PMC215597
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