RRC ID 30114
Author Bates DB, Asai T, Cao Y, Chambers MW, Cadwell GW, Boye E, Kogoma T.
Title The DnaA box R4 in the minimal oriC is dispensable for initiation of Escherichia coli chromosome replication.
Journal Nucleic Acids Res.
Abstract We have developed a genetic system with which to replace oriC+ on the Escherichia coli chromosome with modified oriC sequences constructed on plasmids. Using this system we have demonstrated that chromosomal oriC can tolerate the insertion of a 2 kb fragment at the HindIII site between DnaA boxes R3 and R4, whereas the same insertion completely inactivates cloned oriC. We have further found that although R4 is essential for the origin activity of cloned oriC, cells carrying a deletion of R4 in chromosomal oriC are viable. These results indicate that the oriC sequence necessary for initiation of chromosome replication is different from the so-called minimal oriC that was determined with cloned oriC. Flow cytometric analyses have revealed that these oriC mutations confer the initiation asynchrony phenotype. Introduction of the R4 deletion into a fis::kan mutant, which lacks the DNA bending protein FIS, renders the mutant cells inviable.
Volume 23(16)
Pages 3119-25
Published 1995-8-25
PII 5e0337
PMID 7667087
PMC PMC366880
MeSH Alleles Bacterial Proteins / genetics* Chromosomes, Bacterial / genetics* DNA Replication / genetics DNA, Bacterial / genetics DNA-Binding Proteins / genetics* Escherichia coli / genetics* Mutagenesis, Insertional Phenotype Replication Origin*
IF 11.561
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