RRC ID 30559
Author Marin B, Melkonian M.
Title Mesostigmatophyceae, a new class of streptophyte green algae revealed by SSU rRNA sequence comparisons.
Journal Protist
Abstract Complete nuclear-encoded SSU rRNA sequences have been obtained from three taxa of streptophyte green algae (Klebsormidium nitens, Nitella capillaris, Chaetosphaeridium globosum) and two strains of the scaly green flagellate Mesostigma viride. Phylogenetic analyses of 70 taxa of Viridiplantae (Chlorophyta and Streptophyta) and 57 taxa of streptophyte green algae and embryophyte plants using distance, parsimony and likelihood methods revealed a novel monophyletic lineage among the Streptophyta comprising the genera Mesostigma and Chaetosphaeridium. This lineage is described here as the Mesostigmatophyceae classis nova. Our analyses demonstrate that (1) scaly green flagellates (prasinophytes) are polyphyletic, (2) a scaly green flagellate is a member of the Streptophyta and forms a clade with the oogamous, filamentous Chaetosphaeridium to the exclusion of all other known streptophyte green algae, (3) a previously published SSU rRNA sequence of Chaetosphaeridium (AF113506) is chimeric and contains part of a fungal SSU rRNA, and (4) the phylogenetic relationships between the Mesostigmatophyceae and other streptophyte green algae remain unresolved by SSU rRNA sequence comparisons.
Volume 150(4)
Pages 399-417
Published 1999-12
DOI 10.1016/S1434-4610(99)70041-6
PII S1434-4610(99)70041-6
PMID 10714774
MeSH Chlorophyta / classification* Chlorophyta / genetics Chlorophyta / ultrastructure Classification DNA, Plant / genetics* DNA, Ribosomal / genetics* Evolution, Molecular Likelihood Functions Phylogeny Species Specificity Terminology as Topic
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