RRC ID 30902
Author Ohno T, Yamaguchi N.
Title Life span elongation of Werner's syndrome fibroblasts by co-culture with origin-defective SV-40 DNA transformed cells.
Journal Hum Genet
Abstract Co-culturing with origin-defective SV40 DNA-injected transformants, we succeeded in activating the limited growth potential of late-phase-II fibroblasts from patients with Werner's syndrome (WS cells). Residual life spans of three WS cell lines increased 2.3-5.6 fold. Co-culture with normal IMR-90 cells showed variable effects on different WS cell lines.
Volume 68(3)
Pages 209-10
Published 1984-1-1
DOI 10.1007/BF00418390
PMID 6094336
MeSH Aging* Cell Survival Cell Transformation, Viral* Cells, Cultured DNA Replication Growth Substances / physiology Humans Peptides / physiology Simian virus 40 Transforming Growth Factors Werner Syndrome / pathology*
IF 5.207
Times Cited 7
DNA material pSVtsA58 ori (-) (RDB01126)