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Human and Animal Cells 648A1(HPS0360) Induced pluripotent stem cells derived renal tubular cells from a patient with pseudohypoparathyroidism and its response to parathyroid hormone stimulation.
Human and Animal Cells 1383D2(HPS1005) Subpopulations of fibroblasts derived from human iPS cells.
Human and Animal Cells HCE-T(RCB1384) Mesenchymal Stem Cell-Derived Exosomes as Drug Carriers for Delivering miRNA-29b to Ameliorate Inflammation in Corneal Injury Via Activating Autophagy.
Mice RBRC01828 The HOIL-1L ligase modulates immune signalling and cell death via monoubiquitination of LUBAC.
Human and Animal Cells L929(RCB1451) Stable cavitation induces increased cytoplasmic calcium in L929 fibroblasts exposed to 1-MHz pulsed ultrasound.
Human and Animal Cells A549(RCB0098) Protein adsorption of ultrafine metal oxide and its influence on cytotoxicity toward cultured cells.
Human and Animal Cells 10T1/2(RCB0247) Stimulatory effect of bone morphogenetic protein-2 on osteoclast-like cell formation and bone-resorbing activity.
Human and Animal Cells Hep G2(RCB0459) Development and characterization of a hybrid bioartificial liver using primary hepatocytes entrapped in a basement membrane matrix.
Human and Animal Cells FM3A(RCB0086) , Ehrlich(RCB0142) , EL4(RCB1641) Tumor-secreted proliferin-1 regulates adipogenesis and lipolysis in cachexia.
Human and Animal Cells HPS1046 , HPS3529 Induced pluripotent stem cell-based assays recapture multiple properties of human astrocytes.
Human and Animal Cells HCE-T(RCB2280) Beneficial Effects of Plasma Rich in Growth Factors (PRGF) Versus Autologous Serum and Topical Insulin in Ocular Surface Cells.
Human and Animal Cells MSCs Regulation of osteogenesis in bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells via histone deacetylase 1 and 2 co-cultured with human gingival fibroblasts and periodontal ligament cells.
Human and Animal Cells SK-N-SH(RCB0426) Hyaluronic Acid Induction Promotes the Differentiation of Human Neural Crest-like Cells into Periodontal Ligament Stem-like Cells.
Drosophila DGRC#119128 , DGRC#119129 , DGRC#119130 Tre1 GPCR signaling orients stem cell divisions in the Drosophila central nervous system.
Drosophila DGRC#119123 , DGRC#119124 The GC kinase Fray and Mo25 regulate Drosophila asymmetric divisions.
Human and Animal Cells ATDC5(RCB0565) Formononetin, a Beer Polyphenol with Catabolic Effects on Chondrocytes.
Human and Animal Cells ATDC5(RCB0565) Collagen-Derived Dipeptide Pro-Hyp Enhanced ATDC5 Chondrocyte Differentiation under Hypoxic Conditions.
Human and Animal Cells UE6E7T-3(RCB2154) Circ-Sirt1 promotes osteoblast differentiation by activating Sirt1 and Wnt/β-catenin pathway.
Human and Animal Cells MOLT-4(RCB0206) ATP-induced Ca2+ response mediated by P2U and P2Y purinoceptors in human macrophages: signalling from dying cells to macrophages.
Human and Animal Cells Meth-A(RCB0464) Overexpression of CD82 on human T cells enhances LFA-1 / ICAM-1-mediated cell-cell adhesion: functional association between CD82 and LFA-1 in T cell activation.