RRC ID 31902
Author Tamura M, Watanabe K, Mikami Y, Yazawa K, Nishimura K.
Title Molecular characterization of new clinical isolates of Candida albicans and C. dubliniensis in Japan: analysis reveals a new genotype of C. albicans with group I intron.
Journal J Clin Microbiol
Abstract The genetic diversity of recent clinical isolates of Candida albicans in Japan was studied on the basis of amplified DNA band lengths determined with a specific PCR primer reported to have been designed to span a transposable intron region in the 25S rRNA gene. Our analyses of 301 clinical isolates of C. albicans showed that they could be classified into five genotypes: genotype A (172 isolates), genotype B (66 isolates), genotype C (56 isolates), genotype D (C. dubliniensis; 5 isolates), and a new genotype (designated genotype E; 2 isolates). The new genotype E was characterized to have a group I intron-like sequence, which is longer than hitherto reported ones and which has a nucleotide sequence length of 962 bp. Our analysis of the 962-bp sequence indicated that it is composed of an intron similar to that of C. dubliniensis of 621 bp with a 341-bp insertion. Analysis of the sequence of the internal transcribed spacer (ITS) region of the genotype E strain showed that its sequence is identical to those of strains of other genotypes, with only a few base substitution differences. Throughout the study, the possible horizontal transfer of the group I intron between C. dubliniensis and C. albicans was suggested. A high degree of correlation between the presence of a group I intron in C. albicans genotype E and susceptibility to the antifungal agent flucytosine was observed. The five isolates of C. dubliniensis examined in the present study showed genetic diversity when they were compared by randomly amplified polymorphic DNA fingerprinting pattern analysis, and this diversity was also confirmed by the analysis of ITS region sequences.
Volume 39(12)
Pages 4309-15
Published 2001-12-1
DOI 10.1128/JCM.39.12.4309-4315.2001
PMID 11724837
PMC PMC88541
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