RRC ID 32439
Author Ayukawa T, Akiyama M, Mummery-Widmer JL, Stoeger T, Sasaki J, Knoblich JA, Senoo H, Sasaki T, Yamazaki M.
Title Dachsous-dependent asymmetric localization of spiny-legs determines planar cell polarity orientation in Drosophila.
Journal Cell Rep
Abstract In Drosophila, planar cell polarity (PCP) molecules such as Dachsous (Ds) may function as global directional cues directing the asymmetrical localization of PCP core proteins such as Frizzled (Fz). However, the relationship between Ds asymmetry and Fz localization in the eye is opposite to that in the wing, thereby causing controversy regarding how these two systems are connected. Here, we show that this relationship is determined by the ratio of two Prickle (Pk) isoforms, Pk and Spiny-legs (Sple). Pk and Sple form different complexes with distinct subcellular localizations. When the amount of Sple is increased in the wing, Sple induces a reversal of PCP using the Ds-Ft system. A mathematical model demonstrates that Sple is the key regulator connecting Ds and the core proteins. Our model explains the previously noted discrepancies in terms of the differing relative amounts of Sple in the eye and wing.
Volume 8(2)
Pages 610-21
Published 2014-7-24
DOI 10.1016/j.celrep.2014.06.009
PII S2211-1247(14)00477-X
PMID 24998533
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