RRC ID 32503
Author Chanut-Delalande H, Hashimoto Y, Pelissier-Monier A, Spokony R, Dib A, Kondo T, Bohère J, Niimi K, Latapie Y, Inagaki S, Dubois L, Valenti P, Polesello C, Kobayashi S, Moussian B, White KP, Plaza S, Kageyama Y, Payre F.
Title Pri peptides are mediators of ecdysone for the temporal control of development.
Journal Nat. Cell Biol.
Abstract Animal development fundamentally relies on the precise control, in space and time, of genome expression. Whereas we have a wealth of information about spatial patterning, the mechanisms underlying temporal control remain poorly understood. Here we show that Pri peptides, encoded by small open reading frames, are direct mediators of the steroid hormone ecdysone for the timing of developmental programs in Drosophila. We identify a previously uncharacterized enzyme of ecdysone biosynthesis, GstE14, and find that ecdysone triggers pri expression to define the onset of epidermal trichome development, through post-translational control of the Shavenbaby transcription factor. We show that manipulating pri expression is sufficient to either put on hold or induce premature differentiation of trichomes. Furthermore, we find that ecdysone-dependent regulation of pri is not restricted to epidermis and occurs over various tissues and times. Together, these findings provide a molecular framework to explain how systemic hormonal control coordinates specific programs of differentiation with developmental timing.
Volume 16(11)
Pages 1035-44
Published 2014-11
DOI 10.1038/ncb3052
PII ncb3052
PMID 25344753
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