RRC ID 3288
著者 Nagashima K, Kubota Y, Shibata T, Sakaguchi C, Shinagawa H, Hishida T.
タイトル Degradation of Escherichia coli RecN aggregates by ClpXP protease and its implications for DNA damage tolerance.
ジャーナル J. Biol. Chem.
Abstract Protein degradation in bacteria plays a dynamic and critical role in the cellular response to environmental stimuli such as heat shock and DNA damage and in removing damaged proteins or protein aggregates. Escherichia coli recN is a member of the structural maintenance of chromosomes family and is required for DNA double strand break (DSB) repair. This study shows that RecN protein has a short half-life and its degradation is dependent on the cytoplasmic protease ClpXP and a degradation signal at the C terminus of RecN. In cells with DNA DSBs, green fluorescent protein-RecN localized in discrete foci on nucleoids and formed visible aggregates in the cytoplasm, both of which disappeared rapidly in wild-type cells when DSBs were repaired. In contrast, in DeltaclpX cells, RecN aggregates persisted in the cytoplasm after release from DNA damage. Furthermore, analysis of cells experiencing chronic DNA damage revealed that proteolytic removal of RecN aggregates by ClpXP was important for cell viability. These data demonstrate that ClpXP is a critical factor in the cellular clearance of cytoplasmic RecN aggregates from the cell and therefore plays an important role in DNA damage tolerance.
巻・号 281(41)
ページ 30941-6
公開日 2006-10-13
DOI 10.1074/jbc.M606566200
PII M606566200
PMID 16914543
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