RRC ID 33095
Author Sakai T, Inami S, Sato S, Kitamoto T.
Title Fan-shaped body neurons are involved in period-dependent regulation of long-term courtship memory in Drosophila.
Journal Learn Mem
Abstract In addition to its established function in the regulation of circadian rhythms, the Drosophila gene period (per) also plays an important role in processing long-term memory (LTM). Here, we used courtship conditioning as a learning paradigm and revealed that (1) overexpression and knocking down of per in subsets of brain neurons enhance and suppress LTM, respectively, and (2) suppression of synaptic transmission during memory retrieval in the same neuronal subsets leads to defective LTM. Further analysis strongly suggests that the brain region critical for per-dependent LTM regulation is the fan-shaped body, which is involved in sleep-induced enhancement of courtship LTM.
Volume 19(12)
Pages 571-4
Published 2012-11-15
DOI 10.1101/lm.028092.112
PII 19/12/571
PMID 23154928
PMC PMC3506976
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