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DNA material ptol2/cmlc2-mermaid (RDB15780). Visualizing voltage dynamics in zebrafish heart.
Drosophila 3478R-1 , 3478R-2 Individual differences in sensory responses influence decision making by Drosophila melanogaster larvae on exposure to contradictory cues.
DNA material , Human and Animal Cells pBSIISK-SYN-GFP-BGHpA (RDB15107) , pENTR1A-CMV-GFP-BGHpA(r) (RDB15108) , pENTR1A-SYN-GFP-BGHpA(r) (RDB15109) , pAAV2-DEST(f) (RDB15110) , pAAV2-DEST(r) (RDB15111) , pAAV2-CMV-GFP-BGHpA (RDB15112) , pAAV2-SYN-GFP-BGHpA (RDB15113) , pBSIISK-hFLEX (RDB15114). , 293T(RCB2202) A Single Vector Platform for High-Level Gene Transduction of Central Neurons: Adeno-Associated Virus Vector Equipped with the Tet-Off System.
DNA material pEF-T7-mouse Doc2 alpha (RDB15100) Role of the polybasic sequence in the Doc2alpha C2B domain in dense-core vesicle exocytosis in PC12 cells.
Mice RBRC01834 Secreted Metalloproteinase ADAMTS-3 Inactivates Reelin.
Mice RBRC01615 Characterization of novel dystonia musculorum mutant mice: Implications for central nervous system abnormality.
DNA material Common marmoset cDNA Clone , MMTD00001 , MMTD00034 , MMTD00035 , MMTD00037 , MMTD00038 , MMTD00040 , MMTD00041 , MMTD00042 , MMTD00051 , ... Comparative anatomy of marmoset and mouse cortex from genomic expression.
Human and Animal Cells , DNA material 293T(RCB2202) , CS-CDF-EG-PRE (RDB04380) , pCAG-HIVgp (RDB04394) , pCMV-VSV-G-RSV-Rev (RDB04393) , LOTUS-V/pcDNA3 (RDB19881) , 293(RCB1637) Genetically encoded bioluminescent voltage indicator for multi-purpose use in wide range of bioimaging.
DNA material pEF-BOS FLAG-mouse Rab29 (RDB14971) , pEF-BOS FLAG-mouse Rab29-Q67L (RDB14972) , pEF-BOS FLAG-mouse Rab29-T21N (RDB14973). C9orf72 and RAB7L1 regulate vesicle trafficking in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and frontotemporal dementia.
DNA material pEGFP-C1-mouse GRAB (RDB14674) Cdk5 Regulation of the GRAB-Mediated Rab8-Rab11 Cascade in Axon Outgrowth.
DNA material pAxCAwtit (RDB03121) The zinc finger transcription factor RP58 negatively regulates Rnd2 for the control of neuronal migration during cerebral cortical development.
DNA material pN2N (mGluR6 promoter) (RDB13210) The mGluR6 5' upstream transgene sequence directs a cell-specific and developmentally regulated expression in retinal rod and ON-type cone bipolar cells.
DNA material prNTR 2 ( full8-6 ) (RDB13190) Structure and functional expression of the cloned rat neurotensin receptor.
Japanese macaques Nerve-Specific Input Modulation to Spinal Neurons during a Motor Task in the Monkey.
Japanese macaques Causal neural network of metamemory for retrospection in primates.
Japanese macaques Cerebellar Roles in Self-Timing for Sub- and Supra-Second Intervals.
Japanese macaques Facilitation of temporal prediction by electrical stimulation to the primate cerebellar nuclei.
Japanese macaques Contribution of propriospinal neurons to recovery of hand dexterity after corticospinal tract lesions in monkeys.
Japanese macaques High maltose sensitivity of sweet taste receptors in the Japanese macaque (Macaca fuscata).
Japanese macaques PET imaging-guided chemogenetic silencing reveals a critical role of primate rostromedial caudate in reward evaluation.