RRC ID 33206
Author Sohail Q, Shehzad T, Kilian A, Eltayeb AE, Tanaka H, Tsujimoto H.
Title Development of diversity array technology (DArT) markers for assessment of population structure and diversity in Aegilops tauschii.
Journal Breed Sci
Abstract Aegilops tauschii Coss. is the D-genome donor to hexaploid bread wheat (Triticum aestivum) and is the most promising wild species as a genetic resource for wheat breeding. To study the population structure and diversity of 81 Ae. tauschii accessions collected from various regions of its geographical distribution, the genomic representation of these lines were used to develop a diversity array technology (DArT) marker array. This Ae. tauschii array and a previously developed DArT wheat array were used to scan the genomes of the 81 accessions. Out of 7500 markers (5500 wheat and 2000 Ae. tauschii), 4449 were polymorphic (3776 wheat and 673 Ae. tauschii). Phylogenetic and population structure studies revealed that the accessions could be divided into three groups. The two Ae. tauschii subspecies could also be separately clustered, suggesting that the current taxonomy might be valid. DArT markers are effective to detect very small polymorphisms. The information obtained about Ae. tauschii in the current study could be useful for wheat breeding. In addition, the new DArT array from this Ae. tauschii population is expected to be an effective tool for hexaploid wheat studies.
Volume 62(1)
Pages 38-45
Published 2012-3-1
DOI 10.1270/jsbbs.62.38
PII bs-62-38
PMID 23136512
PMC PMC3405951
IF 1.865
Times Cited 30
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