RRC ID 33395
Author Alexeyev MF, Shokolenko IN.
Title Mini-Tn10 transposon derivatives for insertion mutagenesis and gene delivery into the chromosome of gram-negative bacteria.
Journal Gene
Abstract Four mini-Tn10 derivatives bearing the nptII, cat, aacC1 and tet genes along with MCS of the pBluescriptII plasmid were constructed. These derivatives are embedded into the gamma-ori R6K-based suicide plasmid pBSL177, which can be mobilized into a broad range of hosts by the RP4 plasmid. The relatively small size and the presence of the mutant ATS Tn10 transposase gene, fused to Ptac promoter, as well as the versatile MCS of the pBluescriptII plasmid make these vectors a reliable tool for insertion mutagenesis and chromosomal insertion of the cloned DNA fragments.
Volume 160(1)
Pages 59-62
Published 1995-7-4
PII 0378-1119(95)00141-R
PMID 7628717
MeSH Chromosomes, Bacterial* Cloning, Molecular / methods* DNA Transposable Elements* Genetic Vectors Gram-Negative Bacteria / genetics* Mutagenesis, Insertional* Plasmids Restriction Mapping
IF 2.498
Times Cited 74
Prokaryotes E. coli pBSL177 pBSL180 pBSL181 pBSL182 pBSL199