RRC ID 33566
Author Nanamiya H, Sato M, Masuda K, Sato M, Wada T, Suzuki S, Natori Y, Katano M, Akanuma G, Kawamura F.
Title Bacillus subtilis mutants harbouring a single copy of the rRNA operon exhibit severe defects in growth and sporulation.
Journal Microbiology (Reading)
Abstract The number of copies of rRNA genes in bacterial genomes differs greatly among bacterial species. It is difficult to determine the functional significance of the heterogeneity of each rRNA operon fully due to the existence of multiple rRNA operons and because the sequence heterogeneity among the rRNA genes is extremely low. To overcome this problem, we sequentially deleted the ten rrn operons of Bacillus subtilis and constructed seven mutant strains that each harboured a single rrn operon (either rrnA, B, D, E, I, J or O) in their genome. The growth rates and sporulation frequencies of these mutants were reduced drastically compared with those of the wild-type strain, and this was probably due to decreased levels of ribosomes in the mutants. Interestingly, the ability to sporulate varied significantly among the mutant strains. These mutants have proved to be invaluable in our initial attempts to reveal the functional significance of the heterogeneity of each rRNA operon.
Volume 156(Pt 10)
Pages 2944-2952
Published 2010-10-1
DOI 10.1099/mic.0.035295-0
PMID 20634236
MeSH Bacillus subtilis / genetics* Bacillus subtilis / growth & development* Bacillus subtilis / physiology Gene Deletion Gene Dosage Mutation Ribosomes / genetics Spores, Bacterial / growth & development rRNA Operon*
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