RRC ID 35120
Author Niihama M, Mochizuki M, Kurata N, Nonomura K.
Title PCR-based INDEL markers co-dominant between Oryza sativa, japonica cultivars and closely-related wild Oryza species.
Journal Breed Sci
Abstract Wild relatives genetically close to cultivars are precious genetic resources for plant breeding. Oryza rufipogon, O. barthii, O. glumaepatula, O. meridionalis and O. longistaminata are such wild species, and are also categorized as AA genome species based on their structural similarities. Chromosome segment substitution lines (CSSLs) are a powerful resource in breeding and genetics, and numerous rice CSSLs have been produced. This study aimed to develop DNA markers for evaluation of CSSLs directly by PCR and subsequent gel electrophoresis. We confirmed that up to 155 of 188 markers developed for detection of japonica-indica INDELs could also detect INDELs between rice cultivars and wild AA-species accessions. Percentages of applicable markers were higher in O. rufipogon accessions (61.7 to 85.6%), and lower in accessions of other four AA species (39.8 to 51.4%). These markers were distributed throughout the rice chromosomes, and will be useful for genotyping of CSSLs and other genetic resources derived from crosses between rice cultivars and closely related wild species.
Volume 65(4)
Pages 357-61
Published 2015-9-1
DOI 10.1270/jsbbs.65.357
PII 65_357
PMID 26366120
PMC PMC4542938
IF 1.865
Times Cited 1
Rice W0106 W0120 W0137 W1551 W1681 W0049 W1605 W1169 W1171 W1297 W2103 W1413 W1508 W1624