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Author Takahashi M, Takahashi F, Ui-Tei K, Kojima T, Saigo K.
Title Requirements of genetic interactions between Src42A, armadillo and shotgun, a gene encoding E-cadherin, for normal development in Drosophila.
Journal Development
Abstract Src42A is one of the two Src homologs in Drosophila. Src42A protein accumulates at sites of cell-cell or cell-matrix adhesion. Anti-Engrailed antibody staining of Src42A protein-null mutant embryos indicated that Src42A is essential for proper cell-cell matching during dorsal closure. Src42A, which is functionally redundant to Src64, was found to interact genetically with shotgun, a gene encoding E-cadherin, and armadillo, a Drosophila beta-catenin. Immunoprecipitation and a pull-down assay indicated that Src42A forms a ternary complex with E-cadherin and Armadillo, and that Src42A binds to Armadillo repeats via a 14 amino acid region, which contains the major autophosphorylation site. The leading edge of Src mutant embryos exhibiting the dorsal open phenotype was frequently kinked and associated with significant reduction in E-cadherin, Armadillo and F-actin accumulation, suggesting that not only Src signaling but also Src-dependent adherens-junction stabilization would appear likely to be essential for normal dorsal closure. Src42A and Src64 were required for Armadillo tyrosine residue phosphorylation but Src activity may not be directly involved in Armadillo tyrosine residue phosphorylation at the adherens junction.
Volume 132(11)
Pages 2547-59
Published 2005-6
DOI 10.1242/dev.01850
PII dev.01850
PMID 15857910
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