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Author Fujisawa K, Wrana JL, Culotti JG.
Title The slit receptor EVA-1 coactivates a SAX-3/Robo mediated guidance signal in C. elegans.
Journal Science
Abstract The SAX-3/roundabout (Robo) receptor has SLT-1/Slit-dependent and -independent functions in guiding cell and axon migrations. We identified enhancer of ventral-axon guidance defects of unc-40 mutants (EVA-1) as a Caenorhabditis elegans transmembrane receptor for SLT-1. EVA-1 has two predicted galactose-binding ectodomains, acts cell-autonomously for SLT-1/Slit-dependent axon migration functions of SAX-3/Robo, binds to SLT-1 and SAX-3, colocalizes with SAX-3 on cells, and provides cell specificity to the activation of SAX-3 signaling by SLT-1. Double mutants of eva-1 or slt-1 with sax-3 mutations suggest that SAX-3 can (when slt-1 or eva-1 function is reduced) inhibit a parallel-acting guidance mechanism, which involves UNC-40/deleted in colorectal cancer.
Volume 317(5846)
Pages 1934-8
Published 2007-9-28
DOI 10.1126/science.1144874
PII 317/5846/1934
PMID 17901337
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