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Author Koba C, Haruta M, Matsunaga Y, Matsumura K, Haga E, Sasaki Y, Ikeda T, Takamatsu K, Nishimura Y, Senju S.
Title Therapeutic effect of human iPS-cell-derived myeloid cells expressing IFN-β against peritoneally disseminated cancer in xenograft models.
Journal PLoS One
Abstract We recently developed a method to generate myeloid cells with proliferation capacity from human iPS cells. iPS-ML (iPS-cell-derived myeloid/macrophage line), generated by introducing proliferation and anti-senescence factors into iPS-cell-derived myeloid cells, grew continuously in an M-CSF-dependent manner. A large number of cells exhibiting macrophage-like properties can be readily obtained by using this technology. In the current study, we evaluated the possible application of iPS-ML in anti-cancer therapy. We established a model of peritoneally disseminated gastric cancer by intraperitoneally injecting NUGC-4 human gastric cancer cells into SCID mice. When iPS-ML were injected intraperitoneally into the mice with pre-established peritoneal NUGC-4 tumors, iPS-ML massively accumulated and infiltrated into the tumor tissues. iPS-ML expressing IFN-β (iPS-ML/IFN-β) significantly inhibited the intra-peritoneal growth of NUGC-4 cancer. Furthermore, iPS-ML/IFN-β also inhibited the growth of human pancreatic cancer MIAPaCa-2 in a similar model. iPS-ML are therefore a promising treatment agent for peritoneally disseminated cancers, for which no standard treatment is currently available.
Volume 8(6)
Pages e67567
Published 2013-1-1
DOI 10.1371/journal.pone.0067567
PII PONE-D-12-29947
PMID 23826321
PMC PMC3691167
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