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Author Yokota H, Iehisa JC, Shimosaka E, Takumi S.
Title Line differences in Cor/Lea and fructan biosynthesis-related gene transcript accumulation are related to distinct freezing tolerance levels in synthetic wheat hexaploids.
Journal J Plant Physiol
Abstract In common wheat, cultivar differences in freezing tolerance are considered to be mainly due to allelic differences at two major loci controlling freezing tolerance. One of the two loci, Fr-2, is coincident with a cluster of genes encoding C-repeat binding factors (CBFs), which induce downstream Cor/Lea genes during cold acclimation. Here, we conducted microarray analysis to study comprehensive changes in gene expression profile under long-term low-temperature (LT) treatment and to identify other LT-responsive genes related to cold acclimation in leaves of seedlings and crown tissues of a synthetic hexaploid wheat line. The microarray analysis revealed marked up-regulation of a number of Cor/Lea genes and fructan biosynthesis-related genes under the long-term LT treatment. For validation of the microarray data, we selected four synthetic wheat lines that contain the A and B genomes from the tetraploid wheat cultivar Langdon and the diverse D genomes originating from different Aegilops tauschii accessions with distinct levels of freezing tolerance after cold acclimation. Quantitative RT-PCR showed increased transcript levels of the Cor/Lea, CBF, and fructan biosynthesis-related genes in more freezing-tolerant lines than in sensitive lines. After a 14-day LT treatment, a significant difference in fructan accumulation was observed among the four lines. Therefore, the fructan biosynthetic pathway is associated with cold acclimation in development of wheat freezing tolerance and is another pathway related to diversity in freezing tolerance, in addition to the CBF-mediated Cor/Lea expression pathway.
Volume 176
Pages 78-88
Published 2015-3-15
DOI 10.1016/j.jplph.2014.12.007
PII S0176-1617(14)00352-6
PMID 25577733
MeSH Adaptation, Physiological / genetics* Freezing* Fructans / biosynthesis* Gene Expression Regulation, Plant Genes, Plant* Oligonucleotide Array Sequence Analysis Plant Leaves / genetics Plant Proteins / genetics Plant Proteins / metabolism Polyploidy* RNA, Messenger / genetics RNA, Messenger / metabolism Seedlings / metabolism Solubility Triticum / genetics* Triticum / physiology* Up-Regulation / genetics
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