RRC ID 36621
Author Kuwayama H, Ishida S.
Title Biological soliton in multicellular movement.
Journal Sci Rep
Abstract Solitons have been observed in various physical phenomena. Here, we show that the distinct characteristics of solitons are present in the mass cell movement of non-chemotactic mutants of the cellular slime mould Dictyostelium discoideum. During starvation, D. discoideum forms multicellular structures that differentiate into spore or stalk cells and, eventually, a fruiting body. Non-chemotactic mutant cells do not form multicellular structures; however, they do undergo mass cell movement in the form of a pulsatile soliton-like structure (SLS). We also found that SLS induction is mediated by adhesive cell-cell interactions. These observations provide novel insights into the mechanisms of biological solitons in multicellular movement.
Volume 3
Pages 2272
Published 2013
DOI 10.1038/srep02272
PII srep02272
PMID 23893301
PMC PMC3725511
MeSH Caffeine / pharmacology Cell Adhesion Cell Movement / drug effects Cell Movement / physiology* Chemotaxis / physiology Cyclic AMP / metabolism Dictyostelium / physiology* Genes, Protozoan / genetics Hexanones / metabolism Mutation Signal Transduction
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Cellular slime molds