RRC ID 3668
Author You M, Nishiguchi T, Saito A, Isawa T, Mitsui H, Minamisawa K.
Title Expression of the nifH gene of a Herbaspirillum endophyte in wild rice species: daily rhythm during the light-dark cycle.
Journal Appl. Environ. Microbiol.
Abstract The expression of nitrogenase genes of Herbaspirillum sp. B501 associated in shoot (leaf and stem) of wild rice, Oryza officinalis, was studied by means of reverse transcription-PCR (RT-PCR) targeted at the nifH gene. RT-PCR analyses indicate that nifH transcript was detected exclusively from nitrogen-fixing cells of gfp-tagged strain B501gfp1 in both free-living and endophytic states by using a constitutive gfp gene transcript as a positive control. Transcription of nifH and nitrogen fixation in free-living cells were induced maximally at a 2% O2 concentration and repressed in free air (21% O2). nifH transcription was monitored in the endophytic cells by using total RNA extracted from B501gfp1-inoculated wild rice plants during daily light-dark cycles. The level of nifH transcription in planta varied dramatically, with a maximum during the light period. Moreover, the light radiation enhanced nifH expression even in free-living cells grown in culture. These results suggest that in planta nitrogen fixation by the endophyte shows a daily rhythm determined by the plant's light environment.
Volume 71(12)
Pages 8183-90
Published 2005-12
DOI 10.1128/AEM.71.12.8183-8190.2005
PII 71/12/8183
PMID 16332801
PMC PMC1317309
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