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Author Utagawa U, Higashi S, Kamei Y, Fukamachi S.
Title Characterization of assortative mating in medaka: Mate discrimination cues and factors that bias sexual preference.
Journal Horm Behav
Abstract Somatolactin alpha (SLα) is a peptide hormone that regulates skin color, and SLα-deficient and SLα-excess strains have been established in medaka (Oryzias latipes). Their skin colors differ conspicuously and males prefer to mate with females from the same strain. Pre-mating sexual isolation in this model vertebrate provides an ideal platform for investigating the molecular mechanisms of mate choice. Thus, we studied the sensory cues utilized by these fish to discriminate the same and different strains. When males were given a choice under monochromatic light, where the skin colors differed only in terms of brightness but not in hue, mating occurred but it was not assortative. This suggests that: (1) a visual cue is essential for mate discrimination rather than odor or acoustic cues; (2) the visual cue is color and not shape, size, or motion; and (3) the color cue needs to be perceived as the relative balance of brightness at multiple wavelengths rather than the brightness at a specific wavelength. In addition, we introduced another skin-color mutation into the SLα-excess strain and found that this new strain and the original SLα-excess strain, which also overexpressed SLα but exhibited distinct skin colors, preferred different colors. This demonstrates that SLα is not a primary determinant of sexual preference. The symmetrically biased sexual preferences of the SLα-deficient and SLα-excess strains may be acquired postnatally depending on their individual skin color or that of tank mates.
Volume 84
Pages 9-17
Published 2016-8
DOI 10.1016/j.yhbeh.2016.05.022
PII S0018-506X(16)30245-8
PMID 27260680
MeSH Animals Choice Behavior / physiology Color* Cues Female Light Male Mating Preference, Animal / physiology* Oryzias Reproduction Sexual Behavior, Animal / physiology*
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Medaka HNI-II (IB176) OK-Cab (MT830) ci (MT15) Hd-rR.rr (MT199) Tg(Actb-SLa:GFP) (TG1147)