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Drosophila DGRC#104266 Dynamic sensory cues shape song structure in Drosophila.
Japanese macaques Development of multidimensional representations of task phases in the lateral prefrontal cortex.
Japanese macaques Macaque monkeys exhibit behavioral signs of metamemory in an oculomotor working memory task.
Japanese macaques Neuronal representation of task performance in the medial frontal cortex undergoes dynamic alterations dependent upon the demand for volitional control of action.
Japanese macaques Dissociable memory traces within the macaque medial temporal lobe predict subsequent recognition performance.
Japanese macaques Neural mechanisms of dual-task interference and cognitive capacity limitation in the prefrontal cortex.
Japanese macaques Involvement of the globus pallidus in behavioral goal determination and action specification.
Japanese macaques Different neuronal computations of spatial working memory for multiple locations within versus across visual hemifields.
Silkworms Dynamic use of optic flow during pheromone tracking by the male silkmoth, Bombyx mori.
Japanese macaques A dual-task paradigm for behavioral and neurobiological studies in nonhuman primates.
Japanese macaques Spatiotemporal patterns of current source density in the prefrontal cortex of a behaving monkey.
Japanese macaques Mossy fibers in the cerebellar hemisphere show delay activity in a delayed response task.
Japanese macaques Place-related neuronal activity in the monkey parahippocampal gyrus and hippocampal formation during virtual navigation.
Zebrafish Tg(UAS:GFP-TeNT)/rw0146a , Tg(UAS:hChR2-mCherry)/rw0147a , Tg(dao:GAL4VP16)/rw0148a , Tg(dao:Cre-mCherry)/rw0149a , Tg(ppp1r14ab:GAL4VP16)/rw0150a The habenulo-raphe serotonergic circuit encodes an aversive expectation value essential for adaptive active avoidance of danger.
Zebrafish Tg[HuC:Inverse-pericam]/cf1 Imaging of neural ensemble for the retrieval of a learned behavioral program.
Mice Mesp2-GFP (RBRC01862) Scaling of embryonic patterning based on phase-gradient encoding.
Japanese macaques Transformation of a virtual action plan into a motor plan in the premotor cortex.
Japanese macaques Processing of visual signals for direct specification of motor targets and for conceptual representation of action targets in the dorsal and ventral premotor cortex.
Japanese macaques Conditional selection of contra- and ipsilateral forelimb movements by the dorsal premotor cortex in monkeys.
Japanese macaques Neural correlates of associative face memory in the anterior inferior temporal cortex of monkeys.