RRC ID 38736
Author Kukita T, Kukita A, Nagata K, Maeda H, Kurisu K, Watanabe T, Iijima T.
Title Novel cell-surface Ag expressed on rat osteoclasts regulating the function of the calcitonin receptor.
Journal J. Immunol.
Abstract Osteoclasts are known to be hematopoietic in origin. However, the detailed mechanisms of their differentiation and activation are not known. Cell-surface molecules preferentially expressed on cells of the osteoclast lineage may play some important roles in these processes. We prepared a mAb that recognizes a unique cell-surface membrane protein specifically expressed on rat osteoclasts. Expression of this Ag, designated as Kat1 Ag, was markedly stimulated by a factor secreted by the osteoblastic cell line ROS 17/2.8. Binding studies of 125I-labeled calcitonin (CT) showed that the Ag was not the CT receptor (CTR). However, interestingly, studies of the biologic activity of this mAb that recognizes Kat1-antigen (mAb Kat1) revealed possible regulatory functions of this Ag in osteoclasts. Firstly, mAb Kat1 significantly elevated the binding affinity of the CTR expressed on osteoclast-like cells without altering the number of receptors. Secondly, CT-sensitivity of the osteoclast progenitor cells in the system of osteoclast differentiation showed marked augmentation on treatment of these cells with this mAb. Even a very low concentration of CT (0.1 ng/ml) significantly inhibited osteoclast differentiation in the presence of mAb Kat1, whereas a higher concentration of CT (10 ng/ml) was required to inhibit their differentiation in the absence of this mAb. Thirdly, mAb Kat1 inhibited dentin-resorbing activity of osteoclast-like cells. Furthermore, the inhibitory effects of CT on osteoclast-mediated dentin resorption was augmented by the presence of this mAb. These observations strongly suggest that Kat1-antigen is a unique cell-surface protein regulating the affinity of the CTR expressed on osteoclasts and also the bone-resorbing function of these cells.
Volume 153(11)
Pages 5265-73
Published 1994-12-1
PMID 7963580
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