RRC ID 3974
Author Ichida H, Matsuyama T, Ryuto H, Hayashi Y, Fukunishi N, Abe T, Koba T.
Title Molecular characterization of microbial mutations induced by ion beam irradiation.
Journal Mutat Res
Abstract A positive selection system for gene disruption using a sucrose-sensitive transgenic rhizobium was established and used for the molecular characterization of mutations induced by ion beam irradiations. Single nucleotide substitutions, insertions, and deletions were found to occur in the sucrose sensitivity gene, sacB, when the reporter line was irradiated with highly accelerated carbon and iron ion beams. In all of the insertion lines, fragments of essentially the same sequence and of approximately 1188bp in size were identified in the sacB regions. In the deletion lines, iron ions showed a tendency to induce larger deletions than carbon ions, suggesting that higher LET beams cause larger deletions. We found also that ion beams, particularly "heavier" ion beams, can produce single gene disruptions and may present an effective alternative to transgenic approaches.
Volume 639(1-2)
Pages 101-7
Published 2008-3-1
DOI 10.1016/j.mrfmmm.2007.10.009
PII S0027-5107(07)00394-6
PMID 18068202
MeSH Base Sequence DNA Mutational Analysis DNA, Bacterial / radiation effects Heavy Ions* / adverse effects Molecular Sequence Data Mutation / radiation effects* Radiation Dosage Radiation, Ionizing Rhizobium / genetics* Rhizobium / radiation effects*
IF 2.463
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