RRC ID 40041
Author Matsuno K, Ueta H, Shu Z, Xue-Dong X, Sawanobori Y, Kitazawa Y, Bin Y, Yamashita M, Shi C.
Title The microstructure of secondary lymphoid organs that support immune cell trafficking.
Journal Arch Histol Cytol
Abstract Immune cell trafficking in the secondary lymphoid organs is crucial for an effective immune response. Recirculating T cells constantly patrol not only secondary lymphoid organs but also the whole peripheral organs. Thoracic duct lymphocytes represent an ideal cell source for analyzing T cell trafficking: high endothelial venules (HEVs) allow recirculating lymphocytes to transmigrate from the blood directly, and recirculating T cells form a cluster with dendritic cells (DCs) to survey antigen invasions even in a steady state. This cluster becomes an actual site for the antigen presentation when DCs have captured antigens. On activation, effector and memory T cells differentiate into several subsets that have different trafficking molecules and patterns. DCs also migrate actively in a manner depending upon their maturational stages. Danger signals induce the recruitment of several DC precursor subsets with different trafficking patterns and functions. In this review, we describe general and specialized structures of the secondary lymphoid organs for the trafficking of T cells and DCs by a multicolor immunoenzyme staining technique. The lymph nodes, spleen, and Peyer's patches of rats were selected as the major representatives. In vivo trafficking of subsets of T cells and DCs within these organs under steady or emergency states are shown and discussed, and unsolved questions and future prospects are also considered.
Volume 73(1)
Pages 1-21
Published 2010-1-1
DOI 10.1679/aohc.73.1
PII JST.JSTAGE/aohc/73.1
PMID 21471663
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