RRC ID 40058
Author Nishi K, Takahashi T, Suzawa M, Miyakawa T, Nagasawa T, Ming Y, Tanokura M, Ui-Tei K.
Title Control of the localization and function of a miRNA silencing component TNRC6A by Argonaute protein.
Journal Nucleic Acids Res.
Abstract GW182 family proteins play important roles in microRNA (miRNA)-mediated RNA silencing. They directly interact with Argonaute (Ago) proteins in processing bodies (P bodies), cytoplasmic foci involved in mRNA degradation and storage. Recently, we revealed that a human GW182 family protein, TNRC6A, is a nuclear-cytoplasmic shuttling protein, and its subcellular localization is regulated by its own nuclear localization signal and nuclear export signal. Regarding the further controlling mechanism of TNRC6A subcellular localization, we found that TNRC6A protein is tethered in P bodies by direct interaction with Ago2 under Ago2 overexpression condition in HeLa cells. Furthermore, it was revealed that such Ago proteins might be strongly tethered in the P bodies through Ago-bound small RNAs. Thus, our results indicate that TNRC6A subcellular localization is substantially controlled by the interaction with Ago proteins. Furthermore, it was also revealed that the TNRC6A subcellular localization affects the RNA silencing activity.
Volume 43(20)
Pages 9856-73
Published 2015-11-16
DOI 10.1093/nar/gkv1026
PII gkv1026
PMID 26446993
PMC PMC4787778
MeSH Active Transport, Cell Nucleus Amino Acid Motifs Argonaute Proteins / metabolism* Autoantigens / chemistry Autoantigens / genetics Autoantigens / metabolism* Cell Nucleus / metabolism Cytoplasm / metabolism HeLa Cells Humans MicroRNAs / metabolism* Mutation RNA Interference* RNA, Small Untranslated / metabolism RNA-Binding Proteins / chemistry RNA-Binding Proteins / genetics RNA-Binding Proteins / metabolism* Transfection
IF 11.561
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DNA material pcDNA3.1-FLAG/HA-DCP1 (RDB14236) pIRESneo-FLAG/HA-FL (RDB14237) pIRESneo-FLAG/HA-Ago2-Y529E (RDB14238) pcDNA3.1-FLAG/HA-p54 (RDB14239) psiCHECK1-CXCR4-MM (RDB14243) psiCHECK1-CXCR4-MM4 (RDB14244)