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Author Awazu S, Matsuoka T, Inaba K, Satoh N, Sasakura Y.
Title High-throughput enhancer trap by remobilization of transposon Minos in Ciona intestinalis.
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Abstract The enhancer trap approach utilizing transposons yields us information about gene functions and gene expression patterns. In the ascidian Ciona intestinalis, transposon-based transgenesis and insertional mutagenesis were achieved with a Tc1/mariner transposon Minos. We report development of a novel technique for enhancer trap in C. intestinalis. This technique uses remobilization of Minos in the Ciona genome. A Minos vector for enhancer trap was constructed and a tandem array insertion of the vector was introduced into the Ciona genome to create a mutator line. Minos was remobilized in Ciona chromosomes to create new insertions by providing transposases. These transposase-introduced animals were crossed with wild-type animals. Nearly 80% of F1 families showed novel GFP expression patterns. This high-throughput enhancer trap screen will be useful to create new marker transgenic lines showing reporter gene expression in specific tissues and to identify novel patterns of gene expression.
Volume 45(5)
Pages 307-17
Published 2007-5
DOI 10.1002/dvg.20290
PMID 17464954
MeSH Animals Animals, Genetically Modified Base Sequence Ciona intestinalis / genetics* DNA / genetics DNA Transposable Elements* Enhancer Elements, Genetic* Gene Expression Genes, Reporter Genetic Techniques Genetic Vectors Green Fluorescent Proteins / genetics In Situ Hybridization, Fluorescence Recombinant Proteins / genetics Transposases / genetics
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