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Author Misawa E, Sakurai T, Yamada M, Tamura Y, Motoyoshi K.
Title Administration of macrophage colony-stimulating factor mobilized both CD11b+CD11c+ cells and NK1.1+ cells into peripheral blood.
Journal Int Immunopharmacol
Abstract We attempted the phenotypic characterization of peripheral blood (PB) cells after daily administration of macrophage colony-stimulating factor (M-CSF) in mice. The number of CD11b+ cells was increased by M-CSF treatment (2- and 5-day injections). Notably, CD11bbrightCD11cdim, CD11b+CD11c+ and CD11b+CD80+ cells were significantly increased by 2-day treatment of M-CSF. On the other hand, the number of NK1.1+ cells was not changed by the 2-day treatment, but it was significantly increased by the 5-day treatment. However, the numbers of CD3+ and NK1.1+CD3+ cells were not changed by M-CSF treatment. Then, mononuclear cells (MNCs) were separated from the PB of mice treated with saline or M-CSF, and they were incubated with GM-CSF + IL-4 or IL-2. Compared with the saline-treated one (S-MNCs), the MNCs of M-CSF-treated mice (M-MNCs) showed strong proliferation by the GM-CSF + IL-4 stimulation. The MNCs could stimulate proliferation of allo-T cells in the mixed lymphocyte reaction (MLR), especially the M-MNCs showed strong reaction. On the other hand, the stimulation by IL-2 induced strong cell growth of MNCs. And M-CSF treatment enhanced this response. Furthermore, the M-MNCs (stimulated by IL-2 in vitro) exhibited greater cytotoxicity against Yac-1 cells than the S-MNCs. In conclusion, we found that administration of M-CSF mobilized CD11b+, CD11b+CD11c+, CD11b+CD80+, and NK1.1+cells into PB. And the injection of M-CSF facilitates the generation of dendritic and natural killer cells from PB cells in vitro. These results suggest that the mobilized cells may provide for application of immunotherapy.
Volume 4(6)
Pages 791-803
Published 2004-6-1
DOI 10.1016/j.intimp.2004.03.004
PII S1567-5769(04)00081-5
PMID 15135320
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