RRC ID 43210
Author Yeh CM, Yeh CK, Hsu XY, Luo QM, Lin MY.
Title Extracellular expression of a functional recombinant Ganoderma lucidium immunomodulatory protein by Bacillus subtilis and Lactococcus lactis.
Journal Appl Environ Microbiol
Abstract Bacillus subtilis and Lactococcus lactis are ideal hosts for the production of extracellular heterologous proteins of major commercial importance. A recombinant gene for the novel Ganoderma lucidium immunomodulatory protein LZ-8, recombinant LZ-8, was designed encoding the same amino acid sequence but using the preferred codons for both strains and was synthesized by overlapping extension PCR. Using the signal peptide (SP) from subtilisin YaB (SP(YaB)), recombinant LZ-8 was expressed extracellularly in Bacillus subtilis and Lactococcus lactis. In the absence of SP(YaB), recombinant LZ-8 was expressed extracellularly in B. subtilis, but not in L. lactis. The three expressed recombinant LZ-8s showed different capacities for modulating the production of Th1 and Th2 cytokines by peripheral blood mononuclear cells and of tumor necrosis factor alpha by a macrophage cell line.
Volume 74(4)
Pages 1039-49
Published 2008-2-1
DOI 10.1128/AEM.01547-07
PII AEM.01547-07
PMID 18156317
PMC PMC2258568
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